6 Reasons To Take A Vacation (Even If You Don’t Have Time)

Lake Chelan resorts

Are you one of those people who keeps postponing vacations for when you get through your piles of work? You’re just too busy to go relax? US employees get fewer vacation days than any other developed country in the world, and many people still don’t even use all their time. Whether it is to Marina’s Edge, one of the other Lake Chelan resorts, or anywhere else across the world, here’s why you should getaway, even if you think you don’t have time:

1. Relieve stress. You’re burnt out with piles of work, you stay at the office late, and you even sleep with your smart phone. A vacation is just what you need to break your everyday routine and leave all that stress behind.

2. Get inspired. It’s hard to be inspired when you’re staring at a computer and drowning in stacks of paperwork. Allow yourself a change of scene, where your creativity can truly prosper. Imagine how much more inspired you’ll be while gazing out at the sapphire blue Lake Chelan, breathing in the fresh alpine air, and soaking in the natural beauty.

Reconnect with family on vacation3. Reconnect with your family. With parents and kids always on the go, family time is eaten up by work, school, and extracurricular activities. A vacation is the perfect opportunity to get the whole family together. With everyone’s mind off daily stresses, you can really focus on quality family bonding time.

4. Improve health. Decreased pressure will control your anxiety and increase your mood. You’ll get to kick back, relax and finally catch up on much needed sleep. Plus, with no work during the day, increased physical activity will benefit your fitness. With all these healthy improvements, you’ll be much less likely to get sick.

5. Refresh and recharge. Giving your brain cells a break will allow you to return more invigorated, enthusiastic, and bring more passion into your work. After even just a few days out of town, your mind will be clear and you can have a fresh stress-free start.

6. Improve happiness. It’s been proven that a skier-relaxing-1406983vacation increases happiness not only during a trip, but even up to eight weeks before it. Just the planning stages and anticipation alone will boost your mood and increase happiness, and you’ll return to spread good vibes around the office.